Titan Rumble: Determining the Apex Behemoth in Attack on Titan

Eren harnesses the power of the Attack Titan to confront the Titans and uncover the mysteries of their world, viewers are drawn into a captivating tale of courage, sacrifice, and the quest for truth. Through its actions, the Attack Titan challenges the very fabric of society, inspiring hope and fear in equal measure. 

Reiner Braun possess the overwhelming power of  Armored Titan. Armor Titan's defining characteristic is its impenetrable armor plating, which encases its body like an unyielding fortress. This formidable defense renders it nearly impervious to conventional attacks, making it a daunting adversary on the battlefield. 

Annie Leonhart possess the exceptional power of Female Titan. The Female Titan's appearance is strikingly different from its brutish counterparts. With its slender frame and elegant features, it exudes an aura of grace and sophistication. However, beneath its seemingly delicate exterior lies a fearsome adversary, capable of unleashing devastation with unparalleled precision.

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